What We Do



Power of Experience

40 years+ experience, its not surprising that Nyanza Road Works Limited produces projects of the very highest standards.

Nyanza Road, being the largest local road contractor of Tanzania with the ability to deliver complex civil engineering projects, has delivered over a 1,500km of completed roads to date. Road construction is our core activity with extensive experience in this sector of over two decades. We offer clients, a single strong base of talent, expertise and extensive number of resources.

The division provides a wide variety of services for its customers from traditional contracts, including design and build projects to the introduction of Performance Based Management and Maintenance of Roads (PMMR).

The division has proven from a range of notable projects such as the rehabilitation of 330km engineered gravel road to the rehabilitation and apron extension at Mwanza Airport, construction of a 60MW HFO Power Plant and the construction of an Internal Container Depot complete with laying of a rail line – amongst other projects.

Innovation, partnering and experience are our key strengths. These, together with our ability to deliver cost effective & well-planned infrastructure solutions, set us apart as we continue to expand our services to clients with a diverse range of construction requirements.

Services offered to our clients over the years:

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Cement Paving
  • Gravel Roads
  • Airports
  • Design and Build Contracts
  • Performance based Maintenance and Management Road Contract



Capability to produce in excess of a million+ tones of aggregate a year

Nyanza Road Works Limited has historically been founded on Quarrying which still remains a core activity of our operations.

Quarrying still remains integral part of the company’s associated operations. We operate 6 fully established quarries throughout Tanzania making us a leading supplier of quality aggregates in the trade. The company is a major producer of primary and secondary construction aggregates, asphalt and ready-mixed concrete. This in turn facilitates the provision to building and civil engineering contractors, of a range of construction materials and aggregates to meet high demands and various needs. Gathering extensive experience in drilling, blasting and crushing of aggregates, NRWL is also a preferred crushing contractor for many clients.



Tanzania’s largest consortium of plant & equipment under one local CIVIL contractor

Our extensive fleet has the resources to meet your expectations.

NRWL has a long-standing track record in the mining and resource hiring industry, and has delivered significant and long-term contracts to clients. Its experience spans a broad range of commodities and it has successfully worked in remote and difficult locations.

The organization has the ability to undertake any construction work in the mining sector and has played an integral part in the success of numerous mines as an outsourcing partner for services, including mining engineering and contract mining. Experience in operating in remote and challenging locations, together with extensive resources, ensure delivery of a world class mining service.

NRWL is able to mobilise quickly, arriving on site with the appropriate resources to establish and develop their operations at any location around Tanzania.



No matter how challenging a project, Nyanza Road can handle it.

We continue to thrive to fulfill any specialist requirements set by our clients.

Our commitment to civil engineer is second to none. With an increasingly diverse range of projects, from a technically demanding bridge pilling foundation at Usagara to challenging power generation infrastructure project at Nyakato (Mwanza) and further specialized fuel truck load facility at Kigamboni Depot (Dar es Salaam). We have proven track record of countless achievements.

With in-house design and coordination, our own vast plant pool and highly skilled workforce, you can be sure that we provide a bespoke, trustworthy and professional service.

Services include all types of building contracts; a comprehensive portfolio of civil engineering services; maintenance, repair and slip forming industrial chimneys, bulk fuel tank foundations, bridge structure maintenance, pilling foundations, turnkey traffic lighting solutions and street lighting procurement and installation.



First choice construction partner

We set high standards for everything we do and we have a reputation for providing lasting value for our customers.

At NRWL – we provide a comprehensive building service and success is based on the collaborative approach taken with clients in the private and public sectors. For NRWL, every time we create a new structure such as buildings or bridges, we understand the key business drivers behind it. We have the expertise to deliver all kinds of sustainable construction projects, working with all stakeholders to reduce the carbon footprint. We focus on the design and construction of innovative and are dedicated to delivering projects safely, with minimal impact on communities and the environment.

Our in-house design expertise and early involvement with projects also ensures that at every stage of the build we are able to add value whilst working within time and budget constraints



We are committed to continuous improvement of our product quality

Delivering wide range of concrete products with rapid and efficient response to client requirements.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing concrete is second to none. As the largest producer of concrete products in the Lake region, clients can be assured of goods delivered with quality.

With the most comprehensive range of products, we’re the market leader for road, mining, water, residential, commercial and industrial uses. We manufacturer and supply concrete: paving blocks, floor/wall/roofing tiles, kerbstones, fencing columns & slabs, culverts for drainages and vibrated blocks for buildings etc.

Concrete products are produced under a Quality Management System. Products are tested at our TBS certified materials laboratory in order to assess their performance, quality and durability, thus maintaining our position at the forefront of this sector.

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